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Muffin Maker Trouble Baker
Droppin Beats Remix
Droppin Beats is Back!! Better than ever, 5 different games, ALL REMIXED! Use your cursor to dodge the notes in this musical maze.

Droppin Beats 5 - Donkey Kong Edition
Droppin Beats 5
This is the Donkey Kong Edition of DB, all Donkey Kong items! Use your cursor to dodge the notes in this musical maze.
Learn Japanese With The Kinjokids
Learn Japanese with the Kinjokids
Learn Japanese with the Kinjokids! New Hiragana lessons for beginners, check it out!
Chick n' Slice - Flash Game
Chick n' Slice Game
Check out the official memory game for the cartoon Chick n' Slice! Can you remember & count the pepperonis??
Master the Fretboard
Master the Fretboard
Learn and master the guitar fretboard! Learn each guitar string, scale and learn c scale all the way up the fret board.
Flash Cartoons Portal - Cartoon of the Month!
Author: Marc Baker- DECEMBER 2014
Master the Fretboard Quiz
Master the Fretboard Quiz
How well do you know guitar? Quiz your fretboard knowlege and see. This could also be used as a tool to help teach yourself the notes.
Droppin' Beats - 4m Edition
Droppin' Beats 4m Edition
The first competitive score keeping Droppin' Beats! Made for the 4m (Forum) Can you beat everyone else??
Droppin Beats 4 - Hyrule Edition
Droppin' Beats 4
Finally, its here! Dodgin Beats: Sonic. A fun avoiding game, play as sonic to dodge the musical beats in the game. Look out for the shield! Finish a song with the shield and get a 50 point Bonus!
Droppin Beats 3 - Flash Game
Droppin Beats 3
Six New songs, new features, and new everything! Options such as god mode, you can change the cursor, or play different game types and more. Enjoy the third installment of Droppin Beats!
Droppin Beats 2 - Flash Game
Droppin Beats 2
The second installment of Droppin Beats. Stay away from the incoming beats, they come from all directions. Four new levels with new beats to dodge. What can you score?
Dodgin' Beats - Sonic Edition
Dodgin Beats
A spin off of Droppin Beats, here is a sprite version we called Dodgin Beats, Sonic Edition! Enjoy!!
Droppin Beats - Flash Game
Droppin Beats
Can You Dodge The Mario Beats? Stay away from the incoming beats, they come from all directions. In this game we use 3 different NG artist's Mario songs. Can you beat it?
Sprint Kirby - Flash Game
Sprint Kirby
This is a sprinting game where you are Kirby running and dodging obstacles while you run to the star.How to Play: Use the UP LEFT DOWN and RIGHT arrow keys to dodge obstacles.
Zombie City 2 - Flash Game
Zombie City 2
Your lifetime supply of brains have been stolen!!! You must fight your way through 7 more levels in the sequel to Zombie City (2 bit). New bosses and new surprises! Collect 3 brains for each level.
Zombie City - Flash Game
Zombie City
A Zombie is on a quest to eat a ton of brains. Traveling through 7 full levels. He must avoid spikes and jump over fire while searching for brains in this 8 bit adventure. Collect 3 brains for each level.
Doorway 2 - Flash Game
Doorway 2
Part two of the game Doorway, this time with added new features we wanted to put in the original. This one is HARDER! Good luck.
Doorway - Flash Brain Game
Lead your guy into the doors in the appropriate order for as long as you can and get the high-score!
MIRROR - Flash Brain Game
Mirror, a simple maze brain game, while you do normal actions on the bottom, a reflection of what you do will be put on top where you dodge obstacles!
Kirby's Wrench
Kirby's Wrench
Beat up as many bad guys as possible with your wrench! Kirby Style! How long can you stay alive?!
Brain Eaters - Flash GAme
Brain Eaters
In this crazy game you must eat brains, hands, hearts, and avoid being hit by acid and bombs. Very addicting game, so be ready to be a BRAIN EATER!!!
Mario Memory - Flash Game
Mario Memory
Mario is a bit of a peril. Peach has been kidnapped, and the only way for him to see her, is to answer these questions. Help Mario on his adventure to save princess peach..
MIRROR 2 - Flash Brain Game
Mirror 2, the second edition to our brain game series. We added bonus points and all new levels. How long can you survive?
Dog Hunt
Dog Hunt
Parody of Duck Hunt the really popular NES game. Seek revenge on that damn dog that always laughed at you!
Muffin Maker Trouble Baker
Muffin Maker Troubled Baker
Check out the newest game on Flash Cartoons created by Liz Folk! Help put out the fires to save the bakery before it is too late!
Alpha-Bet - Flash Game
How well do you know the alphabet? This fun brain game is a fun brain game that improves your reaction time and memory.

Kinjokids - Make Your Own Strip
Make Your Own Strip
Made in flash, have val and trav say what YOU want them to. TOTAL FREEDOM! Have fun.

The Bee Hive - Flash Game
The Bee Hive
Live the life as a Bee until you can fly no more. The greatest distance makes the greatest score! How long can you fly?

River City Drunk!
River City Drunk
Just a random game, be sure to turn up your volume to this intense gaming engine. Use the mouse to win!

Zombie Carts - Flash Game
Zombie Carts
Race to the finish before the other zombies do. Collect as many body parts you can. 3 levels total!

Tickle Me Pico
Tickle Me Pico
We at flashcartoons are big fans of NG's Pico character and we made a game for pico day 2008! Enjoy.

Trav's Dojo Practice
Trav's Dojo
Get trav ready to fight the asian kid, this is the newest Kinjokids game, enjoy and be sure to play enough to see a special appearance.

Head Sticking - Flash Game
Head Sticking
Practice your shooting, or play 3 quarters! This hockey zombie game is our first sports game. Enjoy! Practice mode available!

MAFF1.24 - Flash Brain Game
Pop all the bubbles before they get fall to the ground!! Be quick they get super faster and more challenging each problem.
Kinjokids - Dress Up
Kinjokids Dress-Up
Dress up the kinjo's anyway you want, have as much fun as you can! Enjoy!
Poop Snake
Poop Snake
Don't ask why we made this, it was random like most things. Play snake as poo and gather corn to expand! lol
Play the game that came out on the Atari, back in the day. Its not exactly like the original, and you play with the mouse.
Dot Ops - Flash Game
Dot Ops
Survive the incoming zombie threat. Never ending, can you get high score? Use the mouse to move and shoot.
To play the games below you will need Shockwave installed.

Kinjo Fortune Teller Kat
"the kat" Fortune Game
First shockwave game for the Kinjokids, also featured on kinjokids.com. Ask the kat anything and he will give you your fortune.

******* Spider Man
Spiderman Matching Game
Just something we whipped together. Spiderman was hand drawn.

A Mojo Jojo Game
Zenmaster Mojo Jojo
Nice little question game, check it out, few easter eggs are found in this game.

******* *


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