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 Interviewed by Lavalle Lee: Animator Edd Gould

Please introduce yourself.

Edd: Hello there, I’m Edd I like to animate in my spare time on my website (Eddsworld), and I’m also trying to animate professionally in the animation industry (hopefully!)

Q: How did you get started with making Flash Animations/Cartoons?

Edd: I have always drawn random cartoon doodles that have entertained some people, but I first discovered Flash after I had been interested in GIF animations for a while. I went on the site stick figure death theatre ( to submit my animated GIF's of stick figures, only to find they didn't accept them anymore, and I looked at the opposite side of the website where they were showcasing Flash animations. And so after much snooping I finally got a copy of Flash MX.. and continued to make stick animations for a while :P

Q: How long have you been animating for?

Edd: Well I started animating with Flash MX in about November 2002 I believe, before then I had been animating only in GIF form. So that' nearly 6 years animating with Flash.

Q: Some advice/tips for people who want to get into making cartoons in flash?

Edd: Best advice I can give for people starting out is to look at Lavalle Lee's tutorials! they really helped me through the first sticky patches of flash, then if your feeling a bit more experienced, you could attempt to try some of the tricky stuff Over at flashkit. Another piece of advice is always; ALWAYS stream your sound instead of an event. It makes it MUCH easier to synchronize to music or vocals, and makes the overall file size much smaller.

Q: How do you come up with your cartoon ideas?

Edd: I have a get my ideas from a special place I like to call 'Thin Air'.. :P But really, I just get ideas from all sorts of places could be when im sitting at home or it might suddenly hit me in the middle of a movie or something. One thing I do not like to do very much is directly copy something from a film or movie. I used to do it a long time ago and it just makes the nimation overall seem tacky.

Q: What programs do you use to make your cartoons?

Edd: I always use Flash to make my Animations. I started with Flash MX and I now have Flash 8. I don't really want to upgrade to the newest version yet, mainly because I don't see a need to do so just yet. To record my audio I use a freeware program called Audacity, and I have one for A long time now. It’s rather handy for simple effects. And that’s it really. I have tried some 3D programs, but all of my flash cartoons are completely flash.

Q: What is the future of Eddsworld?

Edd: I'd like to think it would eventually be broadcasted somehow, but that may be a
far off hope. For now all I can say is I’m going to try to keep making flash as long as
people keep watching them. Even if things get really busy and so on, I will always
try my best to produce something be it a comic or animation for my website.

Q: Where did you learn to draw and animate?

Edd: I can't say I have really learned to draw from anywhere in particular.. my first
'how to draw cartoons' book was the one written by Rolf Harris all that time ago,
and since then I have just taken bits I have liked from here and there and meshed
them into the horrible mess you see today :D

Q: How can your fans help?

Edd: If they just keep coming to my site and leaving a message, clicking the adverts, dropping an email, buying a shirt or even giving a donation (like that will ever happen :P). I can't reply to them all, I read ALL of the messages and emails I receive.

Q: Anything else you'd like to add?

Edd: I'd just like to say I still can't believe im being interviewed by the same guy who taught me the simple basics all those years ago :D


Interviewed By Lavalle Lee


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