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Jingle Bell Dogs

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Tails wants McDonalds

by Yoshi1up

Killing All Heroes: Episode 1

by Toonedbob

Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom

by Randy Solem

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The End of Days
The End of Days New!
Dec 21st 2012 is the end of the world according to the Mayans and Nostradamus. Are their predictions right? Will God end the world according to humans beliefs? FIND OUT!


Kinjokids.com - Click Here To Open A New Window
Check out; Episodes 1-24
An animated cartoon series, that flashcartoons.org created. Many characters, problems, swearing, fighting, and mom jokes. Up to Season 4. (Opens New Window)

Chick n' Slice - Episode 1
Chick n' Slice New!
Meet Chick and Slice. The two just meet and become good friends, together they set out on an adventure to Antarctica so they will never go bad. Log Line: A never ending journey to stay refrigerated.

Flash Cartoons Portal - Cartoon of the Month!
Author: Marc Baker- DECEMBER 2014

Vinnie 'the chik' Costello
Vinnie 'the chik' Costello New!
After months & months in production Vinnie 'the chik' Costello is finished! Vinnie is on the run and he needs to find a new hideout. Can Vinnie escape the cops in one piece? Find out!

This Is The Best Burrito I've Ever Eaten
This Is The Best Burrito I've Ever Eaten New!
After listening to this song, I knew I had to make a fan video for it. Parry Gripp has some really awesome songs. Be sure to check them out. This video took 10 hrs to make! Enjoy! YUM YUM YUM!.
.The Adventures of Alien & Bunny 2
Alien & Bunny 2
The Adventures of Alien & Bunny are back! Continued from where we last left off they both need to find a safe place to stay. Beware... trouble is lurking in the bushes.
The Adventures of Alien & Bunny
Alien & Bunny
Follow Alien & Bunny in this wacky adventure as they try to stay safe from predators and the police. Never a dull moment once Alien meets Bunny.
Dr. Dimitri - Evil Scientist Episode 3
Dr. Dimitri - Evil Scientist 3
The third installment of Dr.Dimitri, this time the Doctor gets a phone call late at night from his brother who has a request
Dr. Dimitri - Evil Scientist Episode 2
Dr. Dimitri - Evil Scientist 2
Continuing from the last episode, Dr. Dimitri invents something new! Check it out!
Dr. Dimitri - Evil Scientist
Dr. Dimitri - Evil Scientist
Say hello to Dr. Dimitri - Evil Scientist. A Misunderstood Doctor with a crazy mind. I hope you enjoy!!!
Mountain Top
Mountain Top
Ever wonder what is at the top of a mountain peak? A young goat finds out first hand. Enjoy!!
Lonesome Wall
Lonesome Wall
If a wall could speak what it could tell you. Things it has seen. Well here is your chance!. Enjoy!!
Introducing the Emo's 4
Introducing the Emo's 4
The long awaited fourth episode of Emo's is done! After seeing that stupid Twilight New Moon movie, I had to poke fun at that stupid story. Vampires sparkle? I mean come on
Introducing The Emo's 3
Introducing The Emo's 3
Finally Part 3 to the this popular series. Watch the Emo's enjoy there halloween! Few guest appearances. Please Enjoy!
Introducing The Emo's 2
Introducing The Emo's 2
Second Installment of this series! Find out what happens to Martin, Phillip and the depressed kid. Please Enjoy!
Introducing The Emo's
Introducing The Emo's
Ever wonder how Emo got started? Well here is the story! If you are Emo, you will get offended by this cartoon. But who cares! Enjoy
Caesar Salad
Don't Stop Collab
After months and months of production by 6 animators, finally we created Don't Stop Collab, which is a music video for the song by Kinjo - Don't Stop.mp3

I Eat Bleach
I Eat Bleach New!
Please don't attempt this without some supervision. A person would have to be clinically insane to eat bleach, as I am.

Weird Al - Your Pitiful
Weird Al - You're Pitiful
Weird Al's parody of James Blunt - Your Beautiful. We made our own flash cartoon about it. We are big fans of Weird Al and thought it was our duty! Enjoy!

Donn & Don - The Animated Series
Donn & Don Cartoons New!
6 Episodes of Donn & Don!! Two friends named Donn & Don hangout and discuss whatever is on their minds. As well as stories of wild adventures!

Iron Man Hates Spiders
Iron Man Parody
Parody of the Iron Man movie, but in a weird twisted way. Make sure you see the movie too!
In a world full of injustice and crime, only one will rise against the challenge. Evil villains beware, because Diaperboy will stop your evil plans for world domination.
Convict In Kindergarten
Convict in Kindergarten
First cartoon @ FC to be animated with a wacom. This is a story about a guy named Carl, and he's a convict.

Braveheart Wasted
Braveheart Wasted
Recently Mel Gibson was arrested while under the influence. He then made racist remarks to the cops. Here is my re-enactment of that famous night.
Caesar Salad
Caesar Salad
A cartoon about Julius Caesar at dinner time. He decides to have a salad. Animation by Lavalle Lee, backgrounds Mark Wick.
Britney Spears Burping
Britney Spears Burping
Recently Britney Spears home video was seen all over the world of her burping, and talking about time travel. Here is our music video about that.

Bobo the Tree Plant - Interview with the Gulf Oil Spill
Bobo the Tree Plant
Meet Bobo The Tree Plant, our reporter getting a first hand interview with the oil spill. After seeing the disaster BP (British Petroleum) has caused in America, I felt like I had to make a cartoon about it. Enjoy!

Britney Spears Burping
Guitar Hero Broke My Knee
This movie is about a guy in Nebraska, that really broke his knee playing Guitar Hero. His website is, www.guitarherobrokemyknee.com. I thought it was my duty as a flash animator to show his story. Enjoy. :)
Take part in a normal school day in junior high with Brian, Vern and some foreign kids. Watch as they struggle to become adults sooner than they should. Enjoy!
the frog - CLICK TO WATCH IT
This is a story of a frog. What else is there to say. Oh yea, one of our 1st Voice Acted Cartoons.
Convict In Kindergarten
Prehistoric Pals
This short is about a caveman, and a sabortooth tiger. I worked on this with another animator to see how we work together, and it turned out pretty good.
Twitch 2
Released on the 2 year anniversary of flashcartoons.org launce. The sequel to the story about eyes. Enjoy the show
A story like no other. Twitch is one of the 1st cartoons we made for this site. Long ago. Its about eyes.
the Simple Life Behind Bars
Paris Hilton Behind Bars
Paris recently went to jail for a minor offense, and we decided to make it a TERRIBLE offense!! Not our best animation, but enjoy anyway. :)


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