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Jingle Bell Dogs

by Mark Baker

Tails wants McDonalds

by Yoshi1up

Killing All Heroes: Episode 1

by Toonedbob

Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom

by Randy Solem

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Donkey Kong Country Parodies 2
Donkey Kong Country Parodies 2
Follow Diddy and Dixie in an trip through Kremland like you've never seen before!

Harlem Shake - Mortal Kombat
Harlem Shake - Mortal Kombat
Every time I saw the Harlem Shake it reminded me of Mortal Kombat dizzy animation, right before the fatality. Somehow it evolved into this.
Harlem Shake - Kirby's Dream Land
Dream Land Shake - Harlem Shake
Kirby and friends join in on the Harlem Shake trend, making dream land crazier than ever!
Donkey Kong Parodies
Donkey Kong Parodies
Created by the newest team member David Moore! This cartoon is filled with fun scenarios starring Donkey, Diddy and Candy Kong!
Mario Hii - Click Here To View This Cartoon
Mario Hii
Sprites all made by me. Parody of the music video Numa Numa Numa. Everyone enjoy!!! Write a review.
The Koopa Projects
The Koopa Projects
Our newest Ghetto release, not featuring Mario, Luigi or even Koopa, This is what it is like in the hood for the rest of the characters.

2girls1cup - Mario's Reaction
2girls1cup - Mario's Reaction
Mario gets an email from one of his friends, who sends him the 2girls1cup video. See Marios reaction to 2girls1cup!! We caught it on tape!! Enjoy!
Flash Cartoons Portal - Cartoon of the Month!
Author: Marc Baker- DECEMBER 2014
Elevator Action- Click Here To View This Cartoon
Elevator Action
One of the funiest cartoons on this site. We get many good respones in our email from fans, about this cartoon. Thank you.

What About Bob - Click Here To View This Cartoon
What about BOB?
Very fun animation, be sure to watch it again and again and again!! B.O.B from the snes and genesis systems.

Mario and the Princess - CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT
Mario and the Princess
You never in a million years would ever belive this story would come true. Or would it? Many peoples favorite Mario and the Princess!

Zombie Sprites -  Click Here To View This Cartoon
Zombie Sprites Ep1
The cartoon that kicked off the release of our new site flashzombies.com (Opens New Window)

Rockman- Click Here To View This Cartoon
Find out what happends when megaman is fed up with gamers. This will knock your socks off.

Zelda Link to a Gentlemans Club - CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT \
Zelda The Gentlemans Club
Here is a Zelda parody, everyone, everywhere loves Zelda so we made a parody about it. ENJOY
Little Nemo the Pimp Master - CLICK TO WATCH IT \
Little Nemo
This is Little Nemo The Pimp Master, very funny one. You can choose hoes. Oh yea :)
I played this game alot when i was younger. I always wondered what it would be like if the biker would die? hmmm FIND OUT!.
Boogerman - Click Here To View This Cartoon
An old cartoon idea we just been meaning to release. This cartoon is the first voice acted characters on a Video Game Parody.

Mario and Luigi - Click Here To View This Cartoon
Mario and Luigi
Part 2 of Mario and the Princess. This one Luigi has a secret to tell Mario. Wonder what it is? hmmmmmm.. All hand drawn.
Bubsy Ketchup and Mustard- CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT \
This cartoon is the first Video Game parodie on flashcartoons.org.Its pretty cheesy but not horrible.
Megaman - Click Here To View This Cartoon
Megaman X - Secret Lovers
Newest to flashcartoons.org, who is Megaman's/Rocketman's secret lover. Is this even about a secret lover? Find out!
The Luigi Dance!
Luigi Dance!
This short was once an ecard, everyone loved it so much we turned it into a louping flash! Enjoy!
Sprite Collab Parts
Sprite Collab Parts
I wanted to put all my collabs into 1 file, and here it is!! Includes 6 parts total, enjoy.


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