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Lavalle Lee  

Lavalle Lee
Original creator of Flash Cartoons. Started this site in 2001 with the idea of making cartoons for the world to see. Since then he has created hundreds of cartoons and games. Including Mario Hii, Kinjokids, Introducing the Emo's, Chick n' Slice, Koopa Projects, Droppin Beats, and many more. In 2009 Lavalle started to learn Traditional Animation from his mentor Don Bluth until 2012. Three years to learn from one of the masters, now he is being mentored by former Disney animators in effects, character animation and life drawing.

  Jordan Kinsley
Jordan joined Flash Cartoons in 2008 as the lead game developer and programmer, and animates on the side. Nicknamed Bloo-Apple. He also has years of experience as a graffiti artist. Jordan has been involved with over 30 flash games and plans to make many more. He has been the lead programmer in such games as Droppin Beats, Zombie City, Beach Ball Bumby, Brain Eaters, Doorway, Sprint Kirby and many more.
  Ben Coombs
Ben has worked over the years on projects such as the cartoon pilot "Iceland", and the Don't Stop music video. He has been the culprit responsible for painting backdrops for several flash cartoons, including the similarly wintry adventure of Chick n' Slice. He spends his time programming mobile apps and games in a small room in Swindon, and occupies his free time in artist-verus-artist comic duels in War for Arcadia and Hollow City.
  David Moore
David Moore is a flash cartoon artist, who is also studying traditional animation. He has been drawing since he could hold a pencil. He started doing digital work since he was 12 years old. David started animating in 2005, and in 2012 he made the kind tribute to Randy Solem called "Solem Salute". David Moore is also the designer of the "Flash Cartoons Shorts" intro logo.
  Mark Andrew Niedermann
Mark has been a musician since he was 8 or 9 years old. It is his obsession. He truly believes that, with the right samples, he can create whatever musical score Lavalle has in his head (though it will take a few tries because the only thing Lavalle gives him to work with is "Doo-doot-doot"). Between the two of them, there is an infinite mountain of imaginative creation musically... and beyond that, a creative understanding of what is fun and what isn’t, leading to a universe of possibilities.



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