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Chick n' Slice - Episode 1
Sept 1st 2015: Spotlight Video: "The Traditional Animation Show"

Spotlight Video: The Traditional Animation Show
May 7th, 2015: New Game!! Droppin Beats Remix!!
Droppin Beats is Back!! Better than ever, 5 different games, ALL REMIXED! Use your cursor to dodge the notes in this musical maze. Check it out!(Game Section)
Jan 1st, 2015: New Game!! Muffin Maker Trouble Baker!
Newest game on Flash Cartoons! Muffin Maker Trouble Baker! Help put out the fires to save the bakery before it is too late! Collect cookie trays and muffins! Check it out!(Game Section)
Dec 24th, 2014: New Short! Andrew's Christmas
Merry Christmas!!! Andrew has a surprise gift this Christmas, what could he have gotten!? Find out in Andrew's Christmas!! Check it out!  Andrew's Christmas Short
Oct 31st, 2013: New Short! The Unexpected Visitor - Halloween 2013!
Happy Halloween!!! In the middle of the night a little boy receives an unexpected visitor.... Please enjoy this years FlashCartoons.org's MIDNIGHT SPOOKFEST! Check it out!  (Original Section)
Aug 26th, 2013: New Game!! Learn Japanese with the Kinjokids!
Learn Japanese with the Kinjokids! New Hiragana lessons for beginners to advanced students, listen to the examples and take the quizes! Check it out!(Game Section)
Aug 24th, 2013: New Game!! Master the Fretboard Quiz
How well do you know guitar? Quiz your fretboard knowlege and see. This could also be used as a tool to help teach yourself the notes. Check it out!(Game Section)
Aug 16th, 2013: New Game!! Master the Fretboard
Learn and master the guitar fretboard! Learn each guitar string, scale and learn c scale all the way up the fret board. Also free play to help learn notes! Check it out!(Game Section)
Aug 8th, 2013: New Game!! Droppin Beats 5 - Donkey Kong Edition
New game! New Droppin Beats! This is the Donkey Kong Edition, all Donkey Kong items! Use your cursor to dodge the notes in this musical maze. Check it out!(Game Section)
Jul 11th, 2013: New Cartoon!! Donkey Kong Country Parodies 2
New toon! Follow Diddy and Dixie in an trip through Kremland like you've never seen before! Over 15 skits and 6 minutes long! (Videogame Parodies)
Mar 11th, 2013: New Cartoon!! Harlem Shake - Kirby's Dream Land
New toon! Created by David Moore! Kirby and friends join in on the Harlem Shake trend, making dream land crazier than ever! (Videogame Parodies)
Mar 10th, 2013: New Cartoon!! Harlem Shake - Mortal Kombat
New toon! Every time I saw the Harlem Shake it reminded me of Mortal Kombat dizzy animation, right before the fatality. Somehow it evolved into this. (Videogame Parodies)
Jan 5th, 2013: New Cartoon!! Donkey Kong Parodies
New toon! Created by the newest team member David Moore! His very first cartoon for Flash Cartoons! This cartoon is filled with fun scenarios starring Donkey, Diddy and Dixie Kong! You can get a glimpse of the next episode if you watch all the way through the-end credits. (Videogame Parodies)
Dec 27th, 2012: Meet the Team!
Flash Cartoons has been around for over a decade, and has had many different artists, programmers that have been involved in our cartoons and games. We have finally made a page dedicated to everyone here at Flash Cartoons. Learn more about us. (Meet the Team)
Dec 20, 2012: New Cartoon!! The End of Days
New Toon! Tomorrow is the end of the world according to the Mayans and Nostradamus. Are their predictions right? Will God end the world according to humans beliefs? FIND OUT! (Original Section)
Nov 8th, 2012: New Cartoon!! Chick n' Slice
New toon! Meet Chick and Slice. The two just meet and become good friends, together they set out on an adventure to Antarctica so they will never go bad. Log Line: A never ending journey to stay refrigerated. (Original Section)
Nov 8th, 2012: New Game!! Chick n' Slice - Memory Game
New game! To mark the release of the new cartoon, "Chick n' Slice" We made a game for the fans of our new series! Check out this memory game, can you remember & count the pepperonis? (Game Section)
Aug 4th, 2012:New Brain Game!! MIRROR 2
New game! Our send installment of the brain game Mirror 2, a simple maze brain game. While you do normal actions on the bottom, a reflection of what you do will be put on top where you dodge obstacles & collect new bonus points! Can you get the high score?? (Game Section)
Oct 16th, 2011:Donn & Don - Episode 6
Don decides to do things on his bucket list, you know before he kicks the bucket! Skydiving is one of them. Will Don do it? Find out! (Donn & Don)
Oct 10th, 2011:Donn & Don - Episode 5
The newest episode of Donn & Don, this time, Don gets himself a new hat & Donn can't believe his eyes... Check it out! (Donn & Don)
April 23th, 2011: NEW GAME! Dot Ops
Check out the newest addition to our game library Dot Ops! A zombie simulator type shooter, lots and lots and lots of zombies! How long can you survive and can you get high score?? (Game Section)
March 22th, 2011:Doorway 2
Made the next high scoring brain game Doorway 2! Added new features that we wanted in part 1. Bonus points, more doors much harder!! Can you get high score? (Game Section)
Over 10 years ago when I created Flash Cartoons, the main thing I wanted was an flash cartoon upload portal. I thought to myself, if someone made a flash cartoon, wouldn't flashcartoons.org be the best place to upload it?? Upload your cartoons today! Flash Upload Portal
Oct 20th, 2010:Droppin' Beats 4m Edition
We figured it was time to make an exclusive Droppin Beats just for the 4m (forum)!!! That's right Flash Cartoon's most popular flash game is now on the 4m!!!! 1 song, endless gameplay! How well can you do?? Can you get high score??? (4m Arcade Exclusive)
Oct 13th, 2010:The Bee Hive Flash Game
This game is called The Bee Hive, live the life as a Bee until you can fly no more. The greatest distance makes the greatest score! How long can you fly? (Game Section)
Oct 6th, 2010:Alpha-Bet (Flash Brain Game)
How well do you know the alphabet? This fun brain game is a fun brain game that improves your reaction time and memory. Determine what number the letter appears in the alphabet and confirm whether it is equivalent or not. (Game Section)
Oct 1st, 2010:MAFF 1.24 (Flash Brain Game)
MAFF!! A simple math game!! Pop all the bubbles before they get fall to the ground!! Be quick they get super faster and more challenging each problem. 4th game in 4 weeks!! Keep playing and we will keep making. (Game Section)
Sept 23rd, 2010:Doorway (Flash Brain Game)
New Game!! Doorway, a simple memory game. A key combination of 5 numbers will appear in front of you. Be a quick reader, the key will only appear for a second! Lead your guy into the doors in the appropriate order for as long as you can and get the high-score! Expect another great game next week! (Game Section)
Sept 19th, 2010:Mirror (Flash Brain Game)
Mirror, a simple maze brain game, while you do normal actions on the bottom, a reflection of what you do will be put on top where you dodge obstacles! Can you get the high score?? (Game Section)
Sept 8th, 2010:Kirby's Wrench (Mini-Game)
New Game! Can you stay alive?? Kill as many bad guys as possible with your wrench! Kirby Style! Can you get high score? This is just a taste of "KIRBY RPG" that we are working on. "Kirby's Wrench" will be a mini game in the full rpg! For more information on our upcoming game check out the previews section. (Game Section)
July 1st, 2010:Vinnie 'the chik' Costello
After months & months in production Vinnie 'the chik' Costello is finished! Vinnie is on the run and he needs to find a new hideout. Can Vinnie escape the cops in one piece? Find out! (Original Section)
June 27th, 2010:Bobo the Tree Plant Interviews Gulf Oil Spill
Meet Bobo The Tree Plant, our reporter getting a first hand interview with the oil spill. After seeing the disaster BP (British Petroleum) has caused in America, I felt like I had to make a cartoon about it. Enjoy! (Original Section)
March 13th, 2010:Dodgin' Beats - Sonic Edition
Thought we would try something a little different than Droppin' Beats, We came up with Dodgin' Beats! Have fun playing as Sonic the Hedgehog, enjoy! (Game Section)
Jan 26th, 2010: Droppin Beats 4 - Hyrule Edition
Finally a new Droppin Beats! This is the Hyrule Edition, all Legend of Zelda items! Use your cursor to dodge the notes in this musical maze. Enjoy! (Game Section)
Jan 15th, 2010: I Eat Bleach
I eat bleach, it's been a problem since my youth. Not only does the taste tickle my funny bones, but the effect is mind blowing. Please don't attempt this without some supervision. A person would have to be clinically insane to eat bleach, as I am. (Original Section)
Dec 11th, 2009: Introducing the Emo's 4
The long awaited fourth episode of Emo's is done! After seeing that stupid Twilight New Moon movie, I had to poke fun at that stupid story. Vampires sparkle? I mean come on. (Original Section)
Oct 17th, 2009: Animated a Cartoon for PUFMM
I recently joined a political committee for the legalization of medical marijuana. They asked if I could animate a commercial/PSA for the cause, and I said sure! Here it is. Be sure to take action, a plant from the earth should not be illegal. (Original Section)
Aug 07th, 2009: 12 New Flash Tutorials
12 new Flash tutorials, this time around it is for Actionscript 3.0. Learn how to make a timer, even say Hello World in actionscript. Many more tutorials to come. We are up to 69 Flash tutorials. (Flash Tutorials)
Aug 01th, 2009: This Is The Best Burrito I've Ever Eaten!
After listening to this song, I knew I had to make a fan video for it. Parry Gripp has some really awesome songs. Be sure to check them out. This video took 10 hrs to make! Enjoy! YUM YUM YUM! (Original Section)
June 14th, 2009: New Game! Mario Memory!!
Mario is a bit of a peril. Peach has been kidnapped, and the only way for him to see her, is to answer these questions. Help Mario on his adventure to save princess peach. Check it out! (Game Section)
June 4th, 2009: Want your Youtube Video in the Spotlight?
Get tons of views on your cartoon, or video, just email us at flashzombies (at) yahoo.com. We will pick our favorite out of everyone's, and you will see it up in the next week. Or AIM us kinjogangsta2
April 19th, 2009: New Game! Sprint Kirby!!!
This is a sprinting game where you are Kirby running and dodging obstacles while you run to the star. Use the UP LEFT DOWN and RIGHT arrow keys to dodge obstacles.! (Game Section)
April 11th, 2009: New Toon! Alien & Bunny 2
Episode 2, a continuation from part 1! We originally wanted them to be together, but we had to make them 2 episodes. So please watch part 1 before watching part 2 and you will get what's going on! Enjoy!! (Original Section)
April 5th, 2009: New Game! Droppin Beats 3!
Finally! Droppin Beats 3 is complete. 6 New songs, new features, and new everything! Options such as god mode, you can change the cursor, or play different game types and more. Enjoy the third installment of Droppin Beats!! (Game Section)
April 2nd, 2009: FC now on Twitter!
We are trying out Twitter, we have been hearing alot about it in the news. So we thought we'd give it a try. Subscribe to our twitter feed! If you follow us, we will follow you! (FC Twitter)
Mar 20th, 2009: New Actionscript Tutorials!
Ten brand new Advanced Flash Tutorials, including making music play with actionscript, disabling right-click, symbol timers, rotating movie clips and alot more. Keep checking back because we are always adding new tutorials! (Flash Tutorials)
Mar 16th, 2009: New Game! Droppin Beats 2!!!!
The second installment of Droppin Beats. Stay away from the incoming beats, they come from all directions. Four new levels with new beats to dodge. What can you score? Enjoy! (Game Section)
Mar 13th, 2009: New Toon! Alien & Bunny
Follow Alien & Bunny in this wacky adventure as they try to stay safe from predators and the police. Never a dull moment once Alien meets Bunny. Enjoy! (Original Section)
Feb 13th, 2009: New Game! Zombie City 2
Your lifetime supply of brains have been stolen!!! You must fight your way through 7 more levels in the sequel to Zombie City (2 bit). New bosses and new surprises! Collect 3 brains for each level.(Game Section)
Jan 03rd, 2009: New Game! Droppin Beats
Can You Dodge The Mario Beats? Stay away from the incoming beats, they come from all directions. In this game we use 3 different NG artist's Mario songs. Can you beat it? (Game Section)
Dec 22nd, 2008: New Game! Zombie City
A Zombie is on a quest to eat a ton of brains. He is traveling through 7 full levels. He must avoid spikes and jump over fire while searching for brains in this 8 bit adventure. Collect 3 brains for each level. Have fun! (Game Section)
Dec 8th, 2008: New Game! Head Sticking
Teamed up with flashzombies.com to make yet another game about ZOMBIES!!! But our first sports related game. You get to shoot a zombie head into a hockey goal! Three different game types, 3 quarters, practice, and training. Enjoy! (Game Section)
Nov 27th, 2008: New Game! Zombie Carts!!!
Teamed up with flashzombies.com to make another game about ZOMBIES!!! This time your racing 2 zombies to the finish, while pushing a shopping cart. Collect as many body parts you can. Three levels total! (Game Section)
Nov 15th, 2008: New Game! Brain Eaters!!!
Teamed up with flashzombies.com to make a game about ZOMBIES!!! In this crazy game you must eat brains, hands, hearts, and avoid being hit by acid and bombs. Very addicting game, so be ready to be a BRAIN EATER!!! (Game Section)
Oct 26th, 2008: Flash Experiments with .fla's
Updated the section "Rob's Corner" Ten experiments with downloadable source files (.fla's). Everything from ball bouncing with action script to collision. Enjoy. (Rob's Corner)
Oct 23th, 2008: New Toon! Sprite Collab Parts
We have been a part of 6 different sprite collab's, and wanted to put them all into one file for the site! Includes Wario, Mario, Metal Gear, Sonic, Bonk, Bionic Commando, Spiderman and a few others. Six parts total, enjoy.(Videogame Parodies)
Oct 07th, 2008: New Toon! Dr. Dimitri - Episode 3
The third installment of Dr.Dimitri, this time the Doctor gets a phone call late at night from his brother who has a request.(Original Section)
Sept 20th, 2008: New Toon! Dr. Dimitri - Episode 2
Continuing his crazy inventions, Dr. Dimitri invents something new, but has no idea what it does. Enjoy the next installment of Dr. Dimitri - Evil Scientist. (Original Section)
Sept 7th, 2008: New Toon! Dr. Dimitri - Evil Scientist!
Say hello to Dr. Dimitri - Evil Scientist. A Misunderstood Doctor with a crazy mind. I have alot of idea's for this character. Really enjoyed working on this cartoon, so I hope you enjoy! So be sure to check it out. (Original Section)
Aug 17th, 2008: New Toon! Lonesome Wall
Ever wonder if a wall could speak what it could tell you. Things it has seen. Well here is your chance! Please enjoy my latest "Lonesome Wall" So be sure to check it out. (Original Section)
July 13th, 2008: New Toon! Mountain Top
This is a story about a goat, and a mountain top. Wacky Silly cartoon, so please enjoy! Took about two weeks to complete, and full of sillyness. So be sure to check it out. (Original Section)
May 18th, 2008: Interview with Edd from Eddsworld!
Interview with one Edd who has had great online success! From 30 awards on newgrounds to his own channel on Youtube! He recently released a 10 minute animation called "Spares". Edd tells it all about his online success, be sure to check it out. (Interview)
May 15th, 2008: New Toon! Iron Man Hates Spiders
If you haven't seen the Iron Man movie yet, go check it out! Made a parody of the movie, featuring everyone's favorite Iron Man In a different twisted way of story telling. Enjoy!! (Original Section)
March 20th, 2008: New Toon! 2girls1cup: Super Mario Reacts
After surfing the net the other day, i saw the newest fad, reactions to 2girls1cup. Mostly was just random people, so I thought why not use Mario!! LOL Enjoy the latest Videogame Parody! (Videogame Parodies)
Jan 26th, 2008: New Tutorials!!! Make Flash Games
Five brand new tutorials on how to make a game. From moving characters, shooting, weapon collision, wall collision and scoring. So why wait make some flash games! (Flash Tutorials)
Jan 1st, 2008: Happy New Year!!
We here at Flashcartoons.org would like to wish you a Happy New Year! Hope 2008 will be better for you then 2007. Keep checking back tons of new things we are working on for the site!
Nov 22th, 2007: New Toon!!! "Don't Stop Collab"
After months and months of production by 6 animators, finally we created Don't Stop Collab, which is a music video for the song by me 'Kinjo', here is the link to the mp3 download. Kinjo - Don't Stop.mp3 Or enjoy the new toon! (Original Section)
Nov 20th, 2007: New Toon!!! "Caesar Salad"
A cartoon about Julius Caesar at dinner time. He decides to have a salad. Animation by Lavalle Lee, backgrounds Mark Wick!! Please enjoy our new toon "Caesar Salad" (Original Section)
Nov 13th, 2007: New Kinjokids comic! #37 & Mario Hii on Youtube!
Finally a new Kinjokids comic! Still strip #37!! After digging for the old


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