Basic Lesson 1: Publish
Basic Lesson 2: Movie Size
Basic Lesson 3: Action Menu
Basic Lesson 4: Timeline

Basic Lesson 5: Import Image

Lesson 1: Motion Tween

Lesson 2: Shape Tween
Lesson 3: Break Apart
Lesson 4: Motion Guide
Lesson 5: Alpha Fade
Lesson 6: Drag & Drop
Lesson 7: Animated Button
Lesson 8: Load Movie

Lesson 9: Link URL

Lesson 10: Cursor Change
Lesson 11: Add Favorites
Lesson 12: Add Sound
Lesson 13: Insert Scene
Lesson 14: Goto Frame

Lesson 1: Control Movieclips
Lesson 2: Flip Symbol
Lesson 3: Inside Movieclip
Lesson 4: Dynamic Text
Lesson 5: Random Clip
Lesson 6: Actionscript Music
Lesson 7: Symbol Timer
Lesson 8: Rotate Movieclip
Lesson 9: Disable Right-click
Lesson 10: Frame Names
Lesson 11: Side Scroller
Lesson 12: Increasing Velocity
Lesson 13: Visibility
Lesson 14: What's 'this'
Lesson 15: Collectable Items
Lesson 16: Specified Action
Lesson 17: Button Tap Code
Lesson 18: Random in Detail
Lesson 19: Health Bar
Lesson 20: Follow Movieclips

Common Arrays
Lesson 1: Hello World

Lesson 2: Functions
Lesson 3: Loops
Lesson 4: If Statements
Lesson 5: Arrays
Lesson 6: Control Movieclips
Lesson 7: Basic Properties
Lesson 8: Control Movieclips 2

Lesson 9: Adding A Timer

Lesson 10: Saving Data
Lesson 11: Data Objects

Lesson 1: Movement

Lesson 2: Wall Collision
Lesson 3: Shoot
Lesson 4: Shot Collision
Lesson 5: Score

Lesson 1: Character

Lesson 2: Eye Movement
Lesson 3: Arm Movement
Lesson 4: Walking
Lesson 5: Background
Lesson 6: Loop Background

Lesson 1: Orbital Dots 1

Lesson 2: Orbital Dots 2
Lesson 3: Spinning 1
Lesson 4: Spinning 2
Lesson 5: Easing Spaceship
Lesson 6: Sprite 3d
Lesson 7: Bouncy Ball
Lesson 8: Bouncy Ball 2
Lesson 9: Simple Collision

Lesson 10: Crazy Tiles


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   Flash is a main part of the Internet these days, from ads on Yahoo to funny animated cartoons like our site. Flash keeps getting better and better. The possibilities are great. Interactive CD's, Games, Programs, you name it. Hopefully after you have used it you will see that it is a great program to use and produce projects.
  We decided to make a tutorial section so the beginner's and advanced flash designers could learn some new things or maybe just a recap. From motion tweens to coding. You can learn a lot from our site. Flash is a program from the company Adobe which makes products like Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, and Acrobat to name a few. To download Flash go to
Learning Animation - Lessons Done by Lavalle Lee

 Traditional Animation
  Click on the above banner to check out my practices in traditional animation. Walk cycles, squash and stretch, bouncing ball, dopesheets/xsheets, eccentric actions, elongated inbetweens, life drawing and more are covered. Comments and requests are welcomed. :)

  Keep checking back for new blog posts, and updates. If you have any questions or comments, even some ideas, we do have a Online Forum, so check it out.

Rob's Corner - Flash Experiments

 Rob's Corner
  Click on the above banner to check out Rob's Corner, includes flash action scripting experiments. Another feature is the downloadable source files (.fla's) so you can experiment with those to your liking.

  Keep checking back for updates and more tutorials, were always adding new features to our site.

  If you have any questions or comments. Even some ideas, we do have a Online Forum, so check it out.

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